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New Thule Bike Carrier and Chariot Bike Trailer Releases






What’s new from Thule this autumn?

EasyFold XT

Rack up more rides before winter hits with Thule platform bike carriers. The all new Thule EasyFold XT is the perfect way to get your bikes to the trailhead. GoActive Outdoors is here to help you make the most out of your autumn adventures.


The Thule EasyFold bike carrier is Thule’s most inventive platform carrier to date. Platform carriers provide the best protection for your bikes by keeping them separated, but they can also be bulky. Finding space to store you platform bike carrier can be a real pain. Thule has put forward a serious effort to solve this size and weight issue and we think they’ve excelled! The EasyFold is indeed easy and does indeed fold as promised. This is no small feat considering the size of the bike carrier when in use. It folds right down to a very respectable width of 31cm. The folding mechanism operates smoothly, but with a reassuringly firm feel. 


We really rate this bike carrier and it’s probably our favorite out of all the platform carriers in the Thule range. It’s just a really good idea, executed to perfection. 


Thule Chariot Bike Trailers

Thule’s range of Chariot child bike trailer is really catching on in Australia. We’ve been missing out on some of the oversea’s models for some time, but the Chariot range is here to stay and the customer feedback has been overwhelming. Thule introducing a few new additions to the bike trailer range this Autumn and we already feel spoilt for choice.

Chariot bike trailers are made to the same high quality standards that people have come to expect from Thule products. The range includes many clever and innovative designs that you won’t see anywhere else. The range is also extensive with many options to choose from.


Where to Buy?

The Thule Easy Fold and Chariot Bike carrier are available through our Port Melbourne and Campbellfield branches.





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Rapha Australia Mobile Clubhouse

GoActive Outdoors has recently partnered with Rapha Australia. The Mobile Clubhouse is growing – continuing its quest to connect riding enthusiasts the world over, all while celebrating a shared passion for cycling. Keep your eyes peeled for the their newest van out on the Australian roads, fitted out with the latest gear from the Thule range.

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Sway Control is an Essential Part of a Safe Towbar

When buying and installing a towbar for their four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles, camper vans or double cabs, Melbourne drivers usually look at things like the weight of the trailer that can be towed or the type of material that the towbar has been made out of. 4×4 enthusiasts rarely stop to think about one of the most important features that a towbar accessory can have, which could mean the difference between life and death – Sway Control.

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Don’t tow a thing until you’ve read this!

You have been towing with your car for decades – but are you doing it correctly?

Sure you’ve read the manual and seen other people do it. But how much do you really know? On the surface, towing seems like a straightforward process that doesn’t need any complicated adjustments. Despite this, incorrect towing methods can have negative implications on your legal and general safety. Vehicle towbars come with their own unique techniques. Make sure you adhere to safety regulations and keep your towing experience carefree by sticking to them. Continue reading Don’t tow a thing until you’ve read this!

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Part 2 – What’s involved in fitting an accessory?

Step 3: Ordering the accessories

Because there are so many different cars out there and our accessories are often specific to each vehicle, there is a chance that we may have to order in parts. Fortunately most of our larger preferred suppliers have short turnaround times; Hayman Reese towbars for example are usually available for next day delivery. Continue reading Part 2 – What’s involved in fitting an accessory?

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Part 1 – What’s involved in fitting an accessory?

Step 1: Correct identification of the vehicle

The fitting process really begins when you first make that initial enquiry about getting an accessory fitted to your vehicle. The first thing most customers want to know is “how much?”, but the first thing our sales staff will ask is, “what sort of car do you have?” Depending on the number of variations within your cars model range and the number of possible parts, our sales staff may need to be very specific about the make, model, model variation and year of the vehicle; they may even need to know the exact month in which the vehicle was manufactured (you can check out thiseHow article to learn how to identify your cars exact manufacture date). To speed up the process it is very helpful if the customer can gather all their cars details before making the enquiry. Our sales staff will do their best to assist with correct identification, but a helpful attitude from the customer and willingness to volunteer any extra details makes their job much easier.

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